The School

School Education has become very competitive. It is a lucrative business for some rich businessmen to earn fast bucks by investing in Education. But the question that bothers every mind is "Is this typhoon of Education benefiting our society?" The answer is always in the negative. We are producing educated - lgnorant and educated illiterate, year after year.Tuition shops, book publishers and 'Pseudo Education Franchisors' , are the only beneficiaries of this Liberal Education Policy. Thanks to this policy, hundreds of schools claiming 'International/Global' standards, with 'Smart School Concepts' and claiming 'Technology in Education' etc. have mushroomed over the horizon.These are cheap gimmicks played by the promoters to win over the clients. We,at Green Hills,have made a humble beginning from class Nursery to class VII and hope to add one class every year. We propose to affiliate Green Hills Global Academy with CBSE. We, at Greens Hills,will be different and only time will prove our commitment.

School Rules & Instructions to Parents

It is expected that the students follow and obey all school It is expected that students show due respect to their teachers,other. members of the staff, parents and all casual guests/visitors.A student in uniform is an ambassador of the school to which he brings honour by his gentleness in deportment and behaviour.
Please refer to Annexure – I
For the sake of uniformity, it is obligatory to buy the uniform from school shop.The school has its own tailoring shop where the material removed from the school,after the warnings are not heeded to. is available at competitive rates
Ordinarily,no leave is granted during the term,except under extreme circumstances, where one-day leave may be sanctioned by the class teacher. Parents have to personally contact the Class Teacher/Head. Mistress for more than one day's leave failing which a suitable fine per day will be imposed.This could be @ Rs. 5/- per day or even more. Continuous absence without leave will mean removal of the student's name from the school rolls. The parent will have to pay readmission fee as per school rules to seek readmission.

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