Chairman's Message
Chairman's Message

to cater the educational need of the rural folk in the vicinity at their very door. Now they need not go to far off cities for the education of their wards. The school is English medium, co-educational, which strictly adheres to the N.C.E.R.T. syllabus and proposed C.B.S.E. affiliation. The organizers are well experienced and expert in the field of education with 40 years of teaching and organizational experience in C.B.S.E. curriculum in Delhi. Under their perfect guidance class room teaching is performed with more emphasis on English as a language and all other subjects through English medium. Special attention is paid to the correct pronunciation and artful writing of English subject. Along with it science and computer education are paid more attention to enable child in the field of ever changing science and technology. Besides all, an all-round development of the child in body, mind and spirit will necessarily be paid full attention by pursuing extra co-curricular activities- games, sports, cultural activities, drawing & painting, home craft, moral education and Character building.

The school has also paid equal attention to Universal Brotherhood through cultural heritage. The whole world is one entity and all the men and women living on it are brothers and sisters. We have to develop a sense of pride among the students for charity, tolerance, self-sacrifice, chivalry, truth, nonviolence and hard work preformed by our national heroes and heroines-both in ancient and modern age. In the running of the school equal cooperation of parents is invited through PTA meeting, mutual discussion and interaction among teachers and parents. The school management is always receptive to the healthy suggestions come from any corner in the interest of the students.

I wish for a good name and fame of the institution and a happy and healthy future for all the students and their parents.

D.P. Singh

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